We are a partnership led by practitioners.


Our value derives from bringing together a cohesive, diverse and multi-disciplinary team – maximising success for our clients’ digital transformation initiatives.


Our Leadership Team

  • Graeme Harker

    Graeme Harker

    Managing Partner
  • Mercedes Gozalbo-Moragrega

    Mercedes Gozalbo-Moragrega

    Head of Practice
  • Kristie Weatherford Berger

    Kristie Weatherford Berger

    Head of Delivery US
  • Louise Walker

    Louise Walker

    Head of Research
  • Jonny Corbett

    Jonny Corbett

    Head of Product Vision
  • Jo Hoy

    Jo Hoy

    Head of Product Delivery with DesignOps
  • Pete Otaqui

    Pete Otaqui

    Head of Development
  • Denise Ho

    Denise Ho

    UX Design Lead
  • Savvas Voudouris

    Savvas Voudouris

    Visual Design Lead
  • Johnny Mattimore

    Johnny Mattimore

    Subject Matter Expert
  • Natalia Tkachenko

    Natalia Tkachenko

    Head of Operations