What did Glue42 just do?

Do you find yourself copying and pasting the same stuff between apps on your desktop all day? If so, you should probably find out more about desktop automation solutions like Glue42 and ChartIQ Finsemble.

Even the London Financial Times is writing about the potential of this technology.

With desktop automation you can:-
– interact with one app and automatically apply selections, filters and focus in another app(s) (including commercial apps like Salesforce, Bloomberg, Outlook, Excel)

– interact with one app and automatically complete forms in another app(s)

– drag and drop between different apps

– and cooler stuff like getting all your notifications in one place and search that works across all of your applications

Up till yesterday, the only way to automate your desktop was to pay a vendor and install their product on your desktop.

That changed when Glue42 announced they have made the core of their solution available as open source. Additionally Glue42 Core leverages a new Chrome technology (called PWA) that means you don’t even have to install their product on your desktop.

In one announcement Glue have removed the two biggest barriers to the adoption of this technology.

We think this is a game changer!

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