CoronaVirus#1: Feedback on EU guarantee is excellent … keep helping –

ECB to print 1 trillion euro this year to stem coronavirus rout

There are three things I think are key to

(1) EU TEMPORARY GOVT DEBT GUARANTEE of Member Nations’ Govt Debt – this will stabilise a big part of the market and free up resources to help other key areas;

(2) CASH for Private Sector Companies, Employees & Self Employed – we need more focus on cash to end users;

(3) GOVT PRIVATE EQUITY FUND – we need the experts in the private sector to support governments to set up, run and make investments in critical firms – this is not about nationalisation, it is about temporary strategic private sector investments. We need to embrace the deals like Buffet does: 8% preferred equity plus warrant; or, convertibles, direct equity, mezzanine debt, etc. This will save critical firms, jobs, suppliers and make a return for the tax payer – it could spawn ongoing critical private/public investment like never before.