NORMAN & SONS keynote speakers at FinTech Festival 2019, New York

NEW YORK | November 13 |Graeme Harker, Managing Partner discusses “Why Integrate Applications on the Desktop?”

We are excited to be speaking at this year’s FinTech Festival in recognition of our expertise and ongoing research into desktop interoperability.

This year’s theme is FinTech and the Future of Capital Markets Ecosystems. Emerging technology is impacting capital markets participants’ choices around market collaboration partners, transaction venues and data and the industry is leveraging these technologies to create efficiencies and competitive advantage and bring entirely new business models and revenue opportunities to light.

Graeme Harker, Managing Partner of NORMAN & SONS, will be discussing the role of desktop interoperability platforms.

“Why Integrate Applications on the Desktop?”

The number of applications deployed to financial desktops continues to grow each year. While many will be SaaS based, a typical desktop will already comprise a mix of in-house and third-party applications written at different times or procured from different vendors. Despite the adoption of automation technologies, the desktop environment remains a complex battleground between humans and the systems that were designed to support them.

In this talk, NORMAN & SONS will discuss the role of the latest generation of desktop interoperability platforms and how they can be used to simplify user journeys, reduce operational costs and monitor compliance.

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