3 Reasons We’re Excited for FINOS 2022

What are the latest advancement in technology to streamline the Financial Desktop?

What are the latest advancement in private Blockchain technology?

For answers to these questions, look no further than ‘Open Source in Finance Forum (FINOS) 2022 in New York next month!

A conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open-source software and standards. Packed with inspirational speakers and experts across financial services and technology, we are excited to engage with the community and discuss the best ways to leverage open-source software to solve industry challenges. 

Our Chief Technology Officer ‘Seb Ben M’Barek’ will join Nicholas Kolba to showcase the latest developments on the #FINOS fully open source #FDC3 desktop container! 

Graeme and Jonny will be attending the forum with Seb this year. We look forward to seeing you there!

Here are three things that we will be watching for at FinOS 2022:

  1. Connecting OpenFin, Cosaic Finsemble and Glue42 on the Desktop.

Desktop integration technology can dramatically improve users’ experience by stitching together applications into one joined-up experience as if they were all from the same vendor. The problem is that the three leading desktop integration solutions in the market don’t integrate with each other! Aaron Haines of NatWest Capital Markets will be talking about his experience using the new FINOS FDC3 Desktop Agent Bridge. This is a game-changer if you need to integrate applications that have been developed for OpenFin, Finsemble or Glue42 on the same desktop.

  1. Introducing FDC3 Sail, “a Secure Open Source Container for an Open Source Standard”

FDC3 is an open-source standard which has been around for over five years and has attained wide industry adoption. Until now, there has been no open-source option for building FDC3-enabled platforms. The FDC3 Sail project solves this gap with a full-featured and completely open-source implementation. Seb Ben M’Barek from Norman and Sons will be joining FINOS’s Nicholas Kolba to demonstrate how easy it is to build an FDC3-enabled platform and get started on your FDC3 journey.

  1. Why Open Source Technology Is Critical to Widespread Adoption of CBDCs and Other Digital Currencies

Countries are implementing their own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). There are upfront challenges in creating the framework for these countries. As adoption increases, we are seeing complexities evolve. Karen Ottoni of Hyperledger Foundation and Jennifer Peve of DTCC will detail why a multi-digital currency World can only be delivered with open-source distributed ledger technology.

At Norman & Sons, we are obsessed with UX on the Financial Desktop and have started our journey into Institutional blockchain. We are an official R3 partner and are looking forward to discussing the latest developments at FINOS this year!
To schedule some time with us while we are in New York, drop us a message.