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  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2008 the founders of NORMAN & SONS met while working at Morgan Stanley on the first release of Matrix, a revolutionary customer-facing trading platform. We formed a vision of helping other financial services firms deliver similar user-centric products




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    From 2010 to 2015 we established and ran the digital practice at the consultancy Rule Financial. We designed and delivered products such as Horizon Risk Management for Deutsche Bank, Agile Markets for Natwest Markets and Risk Spotlight for UBS




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2016 we founded NORMAN & SONS in London. Our first clients included UBS and Cloudmargin




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2017 we grew from a team of 4 to 25. Our clients were split between Financial Services companies and product companies




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2018 we expanded from London to New York




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2019 we published the first research to compare the three leading desktop automation products (OpenFin, ChartIQ Finsemble and Glue42)




  • V4.0 About – 02.Timeline [2008]

    In 2020 we are helping Equities Derivative traders to envision and prototype a more joined-up user experience, developing a design system for a commodities platform and helping the world’s largest sports events organisation to manage their global events




  • We speak regularly at design, financial services and technology conferences


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Our Leadership

  • Graeme Harker

    Graeme Harker

    Managing Partner
  • Jonathan Corbett

    Jonathan Corbett

    Head of User Experience
  • Savvas Voudouris

    Savvas Voudouris

    Creative Director
  • Polly Fullerton

    Polly Fullerton

    Senior UX Designer
  • Seb Ben M'Barek

    Seb Ben M'Barek

    Director - Technical Product management
  • Hannah Peters

    Hannah Peters

    Product Owner